Bands from Fake Bands

Fake Faces can provide you with cover and tribute bands (including solo artists) for your events all over the UK.

Tribute Bands

The phenomenon with Tribute Bands seems to be increasing ever more with the prices of seeing the original artists getting higher and higher. With Tribute Bands you can see and listen to great bands performing sets to the original artists but at a much more cost effective price. Fake Bands has been providing Tribute and Cover Bands to venues all over the UK and private functions for those to enjoy listening to such bands as Rolling Stones Tribute Bands, Beatles Tribute Bands right up to modern day Tribute Bands such as Coldplay Tribute Bands and Greenday Tribute Bands.

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Cover Bands

Cover Bands are different to tribute bands as they do not look like a specific band or stick to a certain band to imitate such as Beatles or The Rolling Stones. A Cover Band will play all sorts of different songs in their set list, they may perhaps have a theme (70's, 80's) but they will play all types of songs from the theme. Otherwise Cover Bands play all types of music ranging from early 60's right up to modern day. They are normally booked to perform at weddings, parties, functions etc where the audience is a mixed age and would like to hear all types of music.

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